The Trinity Of Shopping / Styling by @JulioGFuentes

*Disclaimer:  I do not profess to have ownership of this idea… it’s just an epiphany of sorts brought on by experience.

Cut… Color… Proportion


Pay attention to how the article of clothing frames you or drapes on you.  Also know your body type and what is flattering to you.  In general, you don’t want to look shorter or bigger than you are.  Look for things that accentuate your best physical features and things that will make you streamlined. On the flip side, know what to cover up.

This has mostly to do with skin color.  Avoid colors that make you look washed out or gray.  Know your complexion and what shades flatter it.  This is also true with eye color.  Certain tones make certain eye colors pop more.  Other things to consider are seasons, events, profession, and… here goes nothing… AGE.  Nothing is worse than a middle aged man in neon.  Okay, maybe there are worse things, but I was exaggerating to make a point.  Lastly, have a good mix of neutrals and colors.  A wardrobe is no good if it looks like a funeral or a bad 80s music video.

Size is everything.  Dudes, guess what… you don’t look bigger in baggier clothes and you don’t look more macho in t-shirts one size too small.  Get rid of those baggy jeans from your high school days, but don’t even think about getting those ultra skinnies.  Slim or slim straights are best.  As mentioned above, you want to look streamlined.  If you’re a smaller guy, avoid clothes with overly large patterns or accessories that are not proportioned to your size.


Yes, looks aren’t everything.  This post isn’t to be judgmental or superficial.  But keep in mind that you also don’t have a second chance at a first impression.  So why not put your best foot forward?  It’s just about being put together.  There are so many guys in their 20s that don’t get taken seriously, no matter how intelligent or driven, because the packaging doesn’t reflect the substance.