You work out at the gym so make sure you get noticed by wearing the right style and fit. If you only wear baggy and athletic clothes people can’t even notice the hard work you have put in. Read our advice on Jeans, Shirts, Layers and of course the Details.

Jeans: probably the hardest thing for a guy with big quads to wear, but you look better if you follow our rule of slim and straight.  Look for jeans with straight legs and a slim (not skinny) leg. Avoid the relaxed and boot cut styles which actually make you look wider.

Shirts: plaids and solids are good because they don’t make you look bigger in a bad way. Look for fitted or athletic cut shirts. Even muscle guys can tuck in their shirts to make it look like they care. A solid tee (crew or v-neck) is a good choice sometimes; make sure it isn’t too tight but still fits well.

Layers: this is where you need to be careful so you don’t look bigger and more bulky. You can add a lightweight v-neck sweater or cardigan to layer over your shirt. We suggest you avoid sport coats which only make your shoulders look bigger.

Details: shoes make the outfit so find a casual shoe from our Guide, like a Chukka boot, which can work with almost anything. You can also find a casual knit tie to step up your game on a night out.

You get more style points if you remember that everything should fit; not too baggy and not too tight.

  • Cameron is also wearing a V neck sweater with a gingham dress shirt
  • Eric is wearing a V neck sweater, oxford shirt, jeans and Sperrys
  • Warren is wearing a slim fit dress shirt and a vest