Why don’t you…wear a suit for no good reason? by Style Girlfriend

Last weekend, I met up with a male friend for drinks. He was coming right from a business dinner, while I was fresh off an after party that followed a friend’s kickball tournament earlier in the day. Dressed in shorts and a well-worn sweater I stole from my brother a few years back, I wasn’t worried about my casual look. My friend’s work is super informal, so I figured that even if the business dinner called for more formal attire, even that would only be along the lines of crisp chinos and a fresh tee. Maybe a collared shirt. Maybe.

chase williams

Chase Williams

I got there first (he’s perpetually late, which is saying something, because so am I) and dug into a spot at the bar. A few minutes later, I see him enter through the door at the opposite side of the room, and…humina humina. My friend was rocking a gray suit with a white shirt and a pink and navy-striped tie, with brown shoes. Pretty much my favorite suited-up look. Apparently, the dinner was more formal than I’d imagined, and the suit was a necessity. So no, he wasn’t all dressed up for my benefit, but well, I appreciated the effort anyway.

The lesson? If you want to make the girls say, “Hel-l-l-lo-o-o,” in a weird Jessica Rabbit voice like the one I used on my friend when he finally bellied up to the bar, suit up. Your work colleagues, a lady friend, regular Starbucks barista – pretty much anyone who sees you in jeans most of the time – will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put in. And you’ll get some over-the-top attention, which, admit it, is always nice.

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Image by Adam Medders Photography featuring Sports Anchor Chase Williams