Summer is the season of sandals; however, it’s a fine line between sandal style dos and don’ts. Here are some suggestions to not look bad this summer. Create your dapper sophistication with grown-up sandals.

First, you need to know when to wear shoes and when it’s ok to wear sandals. Sandals are an outdoor shoe so don’t wear them to an inside event. If you are going to the beach, a backyard BBQ or margaritas at a patio bar… sandals are cool. If you are going to hang out inside a pub, an indoor game or a dinner party… wear shoes.

Sandals to avoid

  • The worst looking sandal to wear is the outdoor activity sandal. If you are going hiking then they work; if not these shouldn’t even be worn to a backyard BBQ.
  • Avoid the granola and leave your Birkenstocks in the past. Not to mention they don’t handle moisture well which can leave a bad smell with your friends.
  • Never wear socks with sandals. Really, what’s the point?
  • Don’t wear clunky sandals that really look like shoes with holes all over them. This year, just wear the shoes instead.
  • Save the athletic ‘slides’ for the locker room. These should never be worn in public. Never.
  • Flip Flops are only for shorts and should really be saved for the beach or pool.

Sandals to find

We suggest less is more. A simple pair of strap sandals that might remind you of roman or biblical times is subtle sandal sophistication. A pair in slightly antiqued, worn leather will mold to your foot after just a few weeks and easily become your go-to shoe for the summer. They hold up just as well at the beach as they do on the streets, so you can wear them with shorts or jeans and a polo shirt. We found the ones below at

Flip Flops are simple and can be comfortable. From a style standpoint, quality and leather are the 2 words you need. Invest in a quality pair of leathers and wear them in the appropriate setting. Oh, don’t buy them too big because that makes them even louder. If you wear them a lot then you should probably get a new pair every year.

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