We give you pointers from our friends at Freshpair on what to wear under your style.

rated m frontUnderwear Do:

When wearing dress pants: Beware of billowy boxers. You don’t want your shorts all bunched up. Wear either the trim-fitting, happy-medium of boxer briefs, or stick with the classics and go with trunks and briefs.

When wearing slim-fitting pants: Briefs are the obvious choice. Like the Rated M brand shown.

When on a 1st date/Valentine’s/Wedding: Wear nice underwear every day, and you won’t have to worry about this.

Underwear Don’t:

Underwear is not meant to be outerwear. Don’t let it all hang out. Underwear should look like you’re wearing it, not the other way around as if it is wearing you. An oversized or overly complicated contraption can make you look like you’re its accessory.