Casey Olsen (@casey0_24) is a MMA fighter who worries more about winning than what to wear outside the cage. We asked him a couple questions about his style. Read More to see his answers and our style advice for him.

Q: Where is a place or even that you go that you want to step up your style?

A: My style usually stays the same.  But if I need to go a little more formal, it’s usually outta town to a nice restaurant or club.

Q: What is a style or type of clothes you would never wear?

A: I’d wear pretty much anything, but I’m more of a casual comfortable type.

Q: When you travel, what are the 5 things you always have to have with you?

A: Toothbrush, deodorant, underwear, sunglasses and tennis shoes. No. 6 would be my iPhone!

TDS: We suggest that an active athlete buy first for the fit. Find jeans with a slim leg that fits at the waist. Find shirts that are fitted or slim fit to avoid the baggy sloppy look. Even though the tattoo print shirts used to be popular, they aren’t anymore. Try a great fitting solid shirt.

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photos by Peter Robinson