Charlie Holderness is one of the gentlemen behind Moonshine cologne. We have had the opportunity to work with Charlie a few times. He is a model, businessman, family guy and we have always noticed he had a solid sense of classic southern style. We had a chance to talk to him about style; click Read More to find out about Charlie and his style.

Q: What does style mean to you?

A: To me style is just as much about awareness as it is about someone’s decision of what to wear.  You have to be aware of your surroundings, the look you want to portray, and how you are feeling.  You wouldn’t wear formal clothes to a monster tuck show, and you wouldn’t wear a tshirt to an opera.  Two extreme examples, but to me, style is all about what I’m doing, who I’m with and how I want to feel.

Q: What is your usual clothing style for a night out?

A: Summer time – seer sucker pants, a nice polo, and boat shoes. winter time, my go-to jeans, cowboy boots, and a button up with a pull over fleece from my latest ski trip (I have a thing for pull over light weight fleeces from ski resorts).

Q: What is a small thing you do to step up your style?

A: I really like belts.  I have a dozen or so, both dressy, ribbons and needlepoint.  Belts add that touch of color or uniqueness that set you apart.

Q: What is something you would never wear?

A: Ed hardy, Affliction Ts, or any other designer tshirt.  The words “nice” and “tshirt” should never be used together. (we strongly agree with this)

Q: When you travel, what are the 5 things you always have to have with you?

A: My phone, iPod, my Bose nose cancellation headphones, a pen, a deck of cards, and my wife Hilary…she makes the trip fun and keeps me entertained.

Charlie Holderness