Travis James is the designer and founder of Tora Clothing. We caught up with Travis while he is working on the expanded collection launching this fall to get his views on style. Click Read More below to read the entire interview.

Travis James, Tora Clothing

Q: What got you interested in men’s style?

A: What really sparked my interest in men’s style was my travels to Japan. I will never forget when I walked into my first apparel store in Japan, everything was colorful (bright and sharp, not worn out and distressed).  What also interested me was how much better the clothing fit, right down to something as simple as a t-shirt.  The Japanese men are not afraid to take risks with their style and pay an incredible amount of attention to the detail that goes into making their clothing, and it truly shows.

Q: What is the style for the Tora man?

A: Casual sophistication.  Proper fitted pair of either raw denim, chinos, or slacks, matched with a quality tee and or a polo shirt. Use accessories and shoes to either bring color to your ensemble or to mute it.

Q: When you are going out, what is your personal style?

A: When going out I always like to be comfortable, but of course want to look good as well. I will either wear a pair of proper fitting raw denim or a pair of light weight sharp colored chinos (not distressed) cannot emphasis that enough. For a shirt I will wear either a v-neck t-shirt without prints and heavy branding on chest or a polo shirt once again without branding on chest.  I am also a big accessory person.  I love great looking leather belts and shoes.  Color is your friend when done right!

Q: Where is your favorite place in the world to visit?

A: Oh man this is tough, anywhere tropical with a golf course!

Q: When you travel, what are the 5 things you always have to have with you?

A: Here you go…

  • Golf clubs
  • Tooth brush
  • About 10 t-shirts all in different colors (kid you not)
  • Cell phone
  • Advil (never know what the night may bring)

Travis James

Q: Tell us more about your clothing line.

A: TORA Clothing is a sophisticated line of quality men’s sportswear. Each piece is distinguished by its luxurious feel, sleek modern fit and unparalleled quality. Fabrics are made from the finest yarns sourced from Italy, impeccably sewn here in the United States