Kaiser Johnson was born Eric Kaiser Johnson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Instead of going to high school, Johnson went early to college, and garnered three Kennedy Center acting nominations. He is a busy actor with various roles on television and movies. He is also a 2nd degree black belt in Karate. He has a solid sense of style so we grabbed him away from his busy schedule to ask him about it. Click Read More to get to know him and find out where to follow his career.

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He did a style photo shoot for The Dapper Style and we discovered he has also been seen on the red carpet in a gingham shirt. We have been telling you that Gingham is classic and famous!

Dapper: What is your usual style for night out in LA?

Kaiser: Los Angeles is a really trendy place, but it’s against the rules to look like you’re trying, so I like to pair something that’s quality but casual with something dressy. For example, I’ll wear a t-shirt under a jacket with dark jeans. It’s casual without being sloppy and dressy without being dressed-up.

Dapper: What are you most comfortable wearing:

Kaiser: As far as comfort goes, I’m a little peculiar in that I’m more comfortable the more dressed-up I am, maybe because it’s easier to trust that it looks great. Events run the gamut from “rock and roll black tie” (a term I’m pretty sure they coined specifically for the Grammys), to “cocktail attire”, to “black tie”, but as far as I’m concerned the dressier, the better. With that, fit is super-important. The best clothes in the world look crappy if the don’t fit right, from shoulders to waist to ankle, and with dress clothes, it’s that much more apparent when they don’t fit right. I like to find great stuff on sale, and if absolutely necessary pay a few bucks to have it tailored.

Dapper: What does style mean to you?

Kaiser: Style means having enough respect for yourself and for the people around you that you dress in a way that lets you feel and look good.

Dapper: What style or type of clothes would you not wear?

Kaiser: There are two answers to this; the first has to do with appearance, the second with cost. I will never wear overly graphic or logo-ized shirts or pants. If it feels to me like it would pair well with plentitudes of back hair and a gold chain, or a farmer’s tan and trucker hat for that matter, you won’t catch me dead in it. If it’s clothing that is a walking billboard for a clothing company, I nix that as well. And I never wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are for girls. As far as cost goes, I try to be reasonable. Excellent pants or great jackets will get tons of wear, and are worth a few extra bucks. I will never spend $97 on a t-shirt. Ever.

Dapper: When you travel, what are 5 things you have to take with you?

Kaiser: My philosophy is always to travel light. If I can’t carry on for a trip under 7 days, I’m doing something wrong. To that end, I always bring 1 nice pair of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants, a versatile sweater (one that can look casual or nice depending on what you pair it with), a fun t-shirt, and, of course, that most versatile of items: a gingham button-down.

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