Alan Rust discovered Alex Maine brand at the menswear show in Vegas. When Tyler Holt tried them on at his fitting he said, “These pants are so comfortable. It’s like I’m not wearing anything.” Another model tried his on later all he could say was, “These are amazing.” Alex Maine is something you have to try. They ended up on the cover of our Fall Style Guide.

Bron Heussenstamm has created a menswear brand, Alex Maine, whose stated mission is to “stand up for the American economy by bringing textile jobs back to America, producing 100% of its product in the U.S.” Heussenstamm remains focused on the product.  “Having someone come into our store, put a pair of pants on and say, ‘Wow, these are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn,’ is an amazing feeling,” he says.   “And to know those sales help bring jobs back to this country, it’s a dream come true.”

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