Should I take a multivitamin?

YES, you should take a multivitamin.

Even though it is possible for people to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals through a structured meal plan, most people do not; which is why I believe it is necessary to take a multivitamin. The different vitamins and minerals in a multivitamin provide support for health in many ways such as cardiovascular health, performance health, and metabolism and can also help in providing the body with the right nutrients to help with long term health – decreasing risks of diseases. Adding a multivitamin to your daily intake is a quick and EASY way to promote better health.

Will any multivitamin work?

NO, do not purchase any multivitamin.

There are many different multivitamins to choose between.  Everything from gender specific, age specific, sports performance, vegetarian, one-a-day and the list goes on. It is important to choose one which will maximize benefits you need.  Women and men both have different needs for vitamins and minerals, women especially when pregnant. As people get older they start to require more vitamins and minerals and more calcium. There is no need to search for an expensive multivitamin, just make sure you are selecting the correct one in relation to your age, gender and lifestyle! Many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies and do not even know it. It is also important to remember that if you have any health issues to consult a physician before taking any supplement.

Email Tyler with your questions and challenges and he will answer them in future on Dapper Fit. Each of you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change.