At home workout!  It is not secret that to be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must workout at some point in time. The more consistent a person is with their workouts then obviously the better the result. There are those days when it seems like making it to the gym it just impossible; or maybe the problem isn’t that there is no time to make it to the gym, but someone may not be comfortable in the gym setting. It can be an intimidating place for many people; some people feel as if they are judged or everyone is staring at them and that is a perfectly normal feeling for a lot of people, however, it is no reason not to exercise. Luckily there are plenty of ways that you can use things around your home to get a good workout in! Below I will provide a sample workout that you can do in your home using things around the house as resistance. This will be a circuit routine, meaning I will give you an exercise for each muscle group that you will perform for one minute and then move onto the next exercise. You will repeat this circuit 3 times. For beginners, you may take some time to catch your breath in between each circuit, for more advanced persons, you should complete this circuit nonstop all three times to challenge your body.

Fitness Trainer Tyler Holt Dapper FitExercise one:

Just to get some cardio conditioning in, our first exercise will be to run stairs as fast as you can for one minute. If you do not have an available staircase you can replace this with jumping jacks. It does not matter if you cannot go full speed for the whole minute; the important thing is that you do NOT stop for the duration of that minute.

Exercise two:

Squats: here you will perform squats for one minute. For beginners, you can just use your bodyweight to squat; to make this exercise more challenging you can add weight. A weight can be anything you can find around the house: an easy thing to add resistance would be to put a backpack on your back, loading it with whatever you can to add as much weight as needed.

Exercise 3:

Bodyweight rows: for this you can use a bed sheet. Tie a not at the end of the bed sheet and shut the bed sheet in a door (top of the door on hinge side, knot on opposite side of door as you). Putting your feet against the door, let your body hang, keeping core tight and body straight, and holding onto the end of the bed sheet with one hand on top of the other. For this minute you will be pulling your body towards the door making sure you squeeze your back as you pull.

Exercise 4:

Pushups! Pushups are a very efficient way to build the chest. Here you will simply be doing pushups for one minute. For people who cannot do a lot of pushups, you may do pushups on your knees instead of toes. For make this more difficult, bring you hands in closer to your body, as you get tired throughout the minute move your hands wider and wider as your chest is stronger when hands are in a wider position.

Exercise 5:

Upright rows: for this exercise you will need some sort of resistance with a handle, meaning you can again use a backpack or a suit case. Grab the handle with both hands in front of you and raise the weight up to your shoulder. For this exercise it is important to remember that you will lead with your elbows and your elbows stay above your wrists at all times. Lift the weight up to your chin and lower it back down in front of you.

Exercise 6:

Dips: the easiest way to do this exercise is to use a table or chair. For beginners, keep your knees bent and feet closer to you so that not all of your body weight is being used. To make this exercise more advanced extend your legs as much as possible; elevating your feet on any other apparatus in your house to make it even more challenging.

Exercise 7:

Bicep curls: if you have any sort of dumbbell in your house then that is what you can use, otherwise you can again use the handle on the suitcase or back pack, or even use a milk jug. For this exercise you can alternate arms for the whole minute, or you can do one arm at a time for 30 seconds.

Exercise 8:

Leg lifts: this exercise is to work your core; hold on to the bottom of a bed frame or couch to keep your body in place. Keeping your legs straight, or slightly bent, lift your legs all the way up and lower them back down to the floor; to make the exercise harder, when you lift your legs all the way up, lift your tailbone off the ground to activate abs even more.

Once you have completed each exercise, you have now completed round one of the circuit. Repeat this circuit two more times! If done straight through, this circuit should take only 24 minutes! Keep the circuit intense by not stopping! Push yourself as hard as you can! Ready….GO!

Email Tyler with your questions and challenges and he will answer them in future on Dapper Fit. Each of you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change.