Stay active as a family

It is much easier to stay motivated when it comes to working out if you have someone to do it with you; so why not get your whole family and or friends involved? I always find that when I have a partner to workout with, it takes the intensity of the workout to a new level. If intensity isn’t what you’re looking for then get more people involved to make it fun. Not only can you enjoy the company of friends and family but you can do things that involve improving your health and fitness levels at the same time! Instead of having family time sitting on the couch watching a movie; explore options and opportunities to do something active!

Go Hiking

This is one of my personal favorites; I go hiking whenever I have an opportunity! The best part about it is that when you go hiking with family or friends, the last thing you are thinking about is working out. Instead you are enjoying the company you are with, looking and enjoying nature, getting fresh air and usually going on a trail that leads to a DESTINATION or a “prize”. After the hike, walking over rocks and up hills you can reach the end of the trail where there is perhaps a waterfall or some sort of sight that makes it all worthwhile. Hiking is a great way to get many people up and doing something active, and is great for your body!


No this does not mean going to a gym and swimming laps in the pool. Get the family together and go to a pool, indoor or outdoor, depending on time of the year and splash around and have fun. If you have kids, go into the shallow end of the pool and challenge them to a race, running or swimming. Good, fun family competition never hurt anyone! Play a game of football or go diving for items because they are fun but also work the body aerobically as well!

Snow time fun

It’s getting cold out (unless you live in Florida or California or somewhere warm all year), which means there are opportunities to have some fun in the snow! If you’re family likes to go to the mountains then take them skiing or snowboarding. Those are good activities on their own! If the mountains aren’t an ideal distance from you then go sledding or tubing! Have fun sledding down the hill and then make the trip walking back up the snowy hill! Spend some time in the yard building snowmen or snow forts, all simple ways to get active. Bundle up and spend some time in the snow!

Take walks

After dinner, instead of spending time on the couch, go for a walk. Take the kids to a nearby park and let them play or play a game with them. Walking definitely burns more fat and calories than sitting on the couch does!

Include fitness activities in whenever you can

If you’re family likes a show on TV that you guys watch every week, then figure out a way to get up and move during them.  Have contests during the commercials is a perfect way to do this! See who can the most pushups, sit ups, squats, etc… during the commercials. You can be as creative and fun with this as you want…maybe commercial break is dance time where you blast music and dance like crazy just to get everyone moving!

Email Tyler with your questions and challenges and he will answer them in future on Dapper Fit. Each of you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change.