Have a Happy HEALTHY Thanksgiving

The Holiday’s can be a stressful time for anyone trying to lose weight and body fat or even just to keep up with a healthy diet; so much tempting food to pile your plate with all your friends and family doing the same thing; how does a person not join in? Even though Thanksgiving is just one day, for some people it can be a trigger to letting themselves go for the rest of the holiday season; setting them back a significant amount. There are ways to stop this from happening!

First and most importantly, avoid as best as you can piling up your plate a mile high. Even though your body will tell you when you’re full, Thanksgiving is notorious for people eating entirely too much. Take small servings of everything if you want, just control your portions! Do not overeat!  Following your regular meal schedule will help with this. Many people tend to not eat all day so that they can prepare for the Thanksgiving feast; eat before the big meal so that you don’t have the urge to eat more than your body can handle. Stay hydrated with water throughout the day as drinking water can also help make you full. Avoid the alcoholic drinks as much as you can!

Stay away from finger foods! Very common for people to have all the family and friends socializing around food like chips and salsa and fattening snacks, instead, go socialize away from the food. Bring everyone outside. People around snacks tend to continuously push handfuls of food into their mouths without even realizing it; just remember…out of sight out of mind!

Preparing the Thanksgiving meal yourself gives you the power to control what you use to make it as healthy as possible. Mashed potatoes are always a favorite, instead of cream, use low fat milk and use a butter replacement or something like canola oil to get rid of the bad saturated fats. Or instead, use sweet potatoes as a healthier option! Use whole wheat rolls instead of white bread rolls. Include as many vegetables as you can in any dish as they add empty calories and can get you full as well! Avoid canned vegetables as they are usually higher in sodium and remember to use fresh or frozen vegetables.

Tyler Holt Fitness Editor

You can try as hard as you want to avoid dessert but with all the options who can really completely avoid it? Limit yourself to one dessert choice. If you are using pies as a dessert, make sure you get a sugar free pie. If you are making your own pie, use a sugar free filling with a low carb bread crust!

Avoid the food coma! As soon as everyone is done eating, they tend to want to go plop on the couch and watch football. Instead, plan a post meal walk or some form of exercise. The more people you can get to agree to the walk or exercise, the harder it is to avoid it! Make sure that you plan something to burn off excess calories after your meal! Also make sure that you plan to do a full workout the next day! If you are making smart choices for the Thanksgiving meal, you will not put yourself too far behind!

Allow yourself to enjoy this day as it only comes once a year. You will find it is still enjoyable with healthy options that will get rid of the guilty feeling later on. The next day continue on your healthy eating habits and continue with your workouts!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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