You know what happens if you don’t tell people what to give you for a gift… you end up with a DVD of a movie that didn’t even release in the theater. We want to help you use the gift opportunity to improve your comfort and style. See the gallery of our TOP STYLE recommendations which are:

  1. Alex Maine Pants: seriously the most comfortable pant
  2. Saxx Underwear: the most comfortable underwear ever
  3. Dockers Alpha Pant: the best fit pant for today’s style
  4. Ivy Prepster Tie: everyone will compliment your tie
  5. rumbaTIME watch: it’s time to pay your way
  6. Braun CruZr: when you want to Shave your Style
  7. Whiskey Stones: don’t dilute your cocktail
  8. Izola Flask: sometimes you need a shot at work (right?)
  9. Zirh Platinum R2 R-Evolution: take care of your face now and thank us later
  10. Blunt Umbrella: stay strong against the wind

Just a reminder, you can ask Santa but it’s probably better to share your list on Facebook.