Walking has been proven to be of great benefit for your overall health. Like other exercise walking can help

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce risk of heart attack and diabetes
  • lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol
  •  manage your weight!

tyler holt

This is not a slow lazy walk that we are talking about…this is walking with a purpose. A good paced brisk walk is what we are looking for here and this can be done at any point during the day. Need a break at work? Go take a brisk walk! Park further away from the grocery store and do a brisk walk to the store, then when you’re in the store…make sure you are walking fast throughout the store! These kinds of walks are perfect after dinner or any meal. Make sure you get your heart rate up to around 60-75 percent of your max heart rate! For those that do not know your max heart rate, take 220 and subtract your age and that is your max heart rate. So let’s say for a 30 year old person, 60-70 percent of their max heart rate would be 114-143 beats per minute and that is where they should keep their heart rate during this brisk walk. This can boost your energy throughout the day and can be a small yet EASY step to building yourself into a much healthier you! Lose fat and inches off that waste simply by adding a brisk walk into your daily schedule. Clear your mind, listen to music and enjoy some time to yourself or plan it out with your family or a friend, mix it up and walk on trails or different paths around the neighborhood.

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