It’s not a bro thing to put stuff on your face. But, seriously, it’s time to man up and take care of your face. Trust us you will need your looks to get you out of trouble more than once in your life.

zirhZirh skincare on your gift list this year. You can go traditional to start the process. You may need to step up to the Platinum Collection if you need to Repair and Defend. We are here to help so here are the steps (save this in your phone):

  1. Clean with a face wash every day
  2. Shave unless you sport the beard (pointer: keep your neck cleaned up)
  3. Moisturize even if your oily this is critical
  4. Enhance if you want to reverse the getting old process

We will keep bringing you tips from the experts at Zirh to help you style up from the neck up.