tyler holt pushup

New Years is the time when everyone makes a list of their New Year’s resolutions and put the idea in their head that they are going to create a “new” them. This already starts off the mindset in a wrong state, you don’t want to create a new you, instead, you want to improve who you already are. Every one of you has the ability to accomplish any resolution that you have. The important thing to making it actually happen instead of forgetting about it after three weeks is actually having a plan.

  • Instead of setting a general goal like “My resolution is to get in better shape”, make a specific goal like “I would like to lose 20 pounds”. It is important that you have a specific goal in your head so that you can stay motivated! Saying you want to get in better shape leaves an empty end goal and makes it easy for people stop whenever they want.
  • Create a time frame in which you would like to accomplish your goal. Having a time frame gives you even more motivation because it helps you stay on track. If you want to accomplish something in a few months time frame, then set weekly goals or if you have a year long time frame then set monthly goals! This keeps you accountable for everything you do each day.
  • Have an accountability partner! This can be a friend or family member, or anyone that you know will keep your head in the right place in order to accomplish your resolution. Even better if you can have someone with the same sort of goal!

Don’t be like majority of people that are very motivated for the first couple weeks and then fall off the grid. Have a plan and stick to it! Each of you has it in you, it’s all about finding it to create an IMPROVED you. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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