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Dapper Gents, as a full time fitness and nutrition professional I have seen a lot of New Years come and go and every year its the same old song and dance.  People start and get great results in the first two weeks, then hit a plateau and get frustrated.  DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!

As my last Dapper Fit post spoke about “Embracing the Journey“, I want to send out a little motivation for ya’ll as we approach the middle and end of January.  We’re starting to see it in the gym already;  people are becoming more inconsistent with their workouts and missing more and more days out of the week.  For those people who are still hitting a solid 3-5 day a week plan, they are failing to see anymore results because they have been doing the same thing for the last 3 weeks!  Their body has adapted and now it is at a plateau.


Our Dapper followers are different and we know that!  YOU haven’t fallen victim to “the norm” and we know that you wont.  Constant changing of your workout routine will yield faster results and set you up for the journey that we talked about.  As long as we are getting results and staying happy, getting to the gym is the easiest part!  Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, and stay in the gym!  (Well, you can go home to eat, sleep and work, but that’s it…)

Tweet your questions and challenges to @Mike_Higgins10 #DapperFit. Each of you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change.