I find the gym at peak times strangely reminiscent of the wildlife shows I used to watch on animal planet, everybody squabbling over the last free machine like a piece of meat. You even get those who wait like vultures, hoping they can sneak in whilst others are distracted.

CrowdedHealthClub1Its times like these that a good workout may seem impossible, but with a friendly demeanor and very little equipment and space, you can give your whole body a workout. Focus on a pair of dumbbells and a pull-up bar. There’s no limit to the amount of exercises possible with this combination, and they can all be done in only a few square meters of floor space. For example; hit the chest with a push up, dumbbell pullover superset; the legs with alternating dumbbell lunges and dumbbell squats; and the back with a pull up, bent over dumbbell row superset.

nick hindPeople will also share or ‘work in’ on some pieces of equipment such as the bench press. Just ask the guy using it how many sets he has left, and if he’d mind you jumping in between whilst he takes his rest. It’s a common method of working out in busy conditions and he’ll be more than happy to help a fellow gym goer out.

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