Show up looking like you’re ready to hit the floor all night like our guy Ben. It doesn’t get much cooler than dark jeans, some hi-top kicks, and a killer jacket. The blue speckle of the V tee adds that extra detail. Make sure to tuck the jeans in the hi-tops to give it that look of not trying too hard to be perfect.

Sometimes a guy needs to let loose and feel the music on the floor, but first you have to look like you know what you’re doing before you “kill” the room with your moves. Start with the dark jeans and you have to add the color. Wearing a shirt like this, which takes a typical V-neck, but steps it up with the speckled color of the fabric shows you know what you’re doing. Not to mention the leather jacket, but what’s that? It’s denim? That’s how you get compliments on your threads. The hi-top sneaks let you be stylish and comfortable while you pop your sweet moves.

Dapper Pointer: add a pop of color like some crazy stripe socks.

Where to Where? Electro Concert

  • Start: dark wash jeans
  • Add: light bright v tee
  • Detail: denim jacket
  • Detail: stripe socks for color pop
  • Shoe: high tops in gray


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