A weeknight dinner with a bunch of friends is one of the best nights of the week. Ben has a look that makes him look like he cared enough to look good but still casual during the week. The color in the plaid works with both the pants and the sweater.

The plaid in the shirt works with the color of the pant.  A solid style tip is to add a layer to step up your style; like this zip front cardigan sweater. Add the casual wingtip and you are styling.

Dapper Pointer: repeat just 2 colors in your outfit to look pulled together + add one pop color. In this case the navy tie.

Where to Where? Dinner out with friends

  • Start: plaid shirt
  • Add: color pants are the key this year
  • Detail: the stripe gray/white cardigan sweater
  • Detail: layer up the gray jacket for keeping warm
  • Shoe: casual wingtips because shoes make the man

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