mike-higgins-featureFirst off, let me start today by saying congratulations to all of our Dapper Fit crowd for making through the first month of the new year and being one step closer to achieving those goals in 2013. We have talked a lot about setting ourselves up for success in 2013, but today we are going to touch on some specific tips that will help you take your fat burning results to the next level.

The number one thing that 85% of all people walking around the gym tell me when I ask them what they would like to achieve when they workout is, “I want to tone up and lose the flab”. Basically what they are more or less saying is that they are sick of the jiggle and want to be more lean. When it comes to working out and fitness, in order to work towards achieving the lean physique that many of us chase, we must figure out the science of our bodies and work in our FAT BURN zone.

The best way to burn the most amount of fat in the most efficient amount of time is to work within your own Metabolic Range that keeps your heart rate elevated and your muscles working. We’ve found that enduring a workout with multiple full body movements, with quick efficient work periods and short rest times will ramp up your fat loss and minimize that Jiggle quicker, over time. Now of course our diet and nutrition plays a MAJOR role in our results, so stay tuned next week to hear more on how to eat for a new body in 2013.

Tweet your questions and challenges to @Mike_Higgins10 #DapperFit. Each of you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change.