With the warmer weather just months away, now is the time to start sculpting your summer body.
Whether its abs of steel, a chest of stone or brick-breaking biceps you want, there’s no escaping the
hard work that lies ahead. However, with over 75% of your whole body on show in the perfect pair
of shorts, you won’t get away with neglecting your lower half.

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With only 10 weeks (give or take) until the start of June, many guys will devote hours to isolating
their abs, blasting them with a series of crunches, twists and turns in order to achieve that summer
six pack – but this is not the answer. In fact, every man already owns the key to unlocking their
core’s potential.

Often overlooked, the legs are a huge part of your physique. Responding well to both low reps on
heavier weights – as well as high-rep, endurance work – training them will release a mix of hormones
that will actually promote muscle growth and fat loss in the rest of the body. Compound lifts such
as squats and deadlifts are especially good at chiselling the stomach. These require a huge amount
of effort from the abdominals in order to stabilize your body throughout the exercise, building deep
core strength. If you haven’t already, add them into your lower body workouts, performing four sets
of 8 to 10 repetitions on a weight that brings you close to failure every time.

Combined with regular cardio, the cocktail of fat fighting hormones released means that beach
ready abs are just around the corner.

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