As the first week of March draws to a close everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of warmer
weather. Here at Dapper Fit we’re all about stripping down and – more importantly – showing off.
You owe it to yourself to ditch those baggy board shorts from last year and invest in something a bit
more flattering. Marko is wearing T. Christopher resortwear.

Using a few simple fashion tips, you can find the perfect pair of trunks for your body type; here’s

the dapper style swimwear

Tall/Thin Guys – Stay away from anything too short. These will place emphasis on your long limbs,
transforming them into pipe cleaners. A slightly baggy short that ends on the knee will draw
attention away from your skinny legs, and any horizontal pattern can have a widening, shortening
Shorter Guys – Something shorter and slim fitting is definitely the way to go. A short that hugs the
quads a little more will create the illusion of length, making you appear taller. Vertical lines are also
great for tricking the eye into adding an extra few inches (no unfortunately not in that department).

As an extra tip, showing off a little more skin on the lower body can draw prying eyes away from
the upper, in particular your abdominal area, just in case you’re still carrying those extra pounds the
more indulgent months left behind!

Written by our Dapper Fit Editor Nick Hind