Max Corey, #DapperBrew

Max Corey, #DapperBrew

For the first Dapper Brew series, I decided to choose a brewery close to home. Bell’s Brewery is located downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan and has over 20 beers in their portfolio. Bell’s started brewing in 1985; they have the experience needed to deliver great tasting beverages in a variety of styles. If you are ever in the area head down Bell’s Eccentric Café and enjoy some live entertainment while sipping on an Oberon or Two Hearted.

There is no better indication that summer is on its way, than a tall pint of Bells Oberon ale! Living in Michigan this brew completely defines summer for me. When March 25th rolls around, it is National Oberon Day where the fresh batch of brew for that year will be released. A huge social event and a great time, this year Shakespeare’s pub in downtown Kalamazoo reported selling over 400 pints in two hours. However, the real talk should be about the amazing taste of this brew.

Oberon sports a cloudy golden yellow color that reminds me of sunsets and good times on the beach with friends. OberonIt pours with a thick white head that hints at the full flavor of this wheat ale. I prefer it served with an orange slice that complements the background citrus taste beautifully. With a crisp refreshing wheat taste that immediately attacks your taste buds upon first sip. So mark March 25th on your calendars for next year friends, but it’s not too late to enjoy the great taste this Bells ale all summer long.

If you are looking for an IPA, Bells Two Hearted American IPA is a must try for a brew fans. This IPA pours a light copper with white lacing that sticks to the sides of the glass and amplifies the vibrant color, the bright white head also does the beer justice. The amazing aroma might be on this that really sticks in your mind, a citrus floral smell that is perfectly tempting. This is a great into to IPAs, unlike many it does not have an overwhelming hoppy flavor. Rather, this brew has a light citrus piney taste with a nice complement of hoppy flavors that complete the full flavor of this brew.

I would have to say this tends to be my go to IPA for a casual night out with the guys. Amazing when enjoyed from a bottle and always a treat when found on tap. You really can’t go wrong ordering Bells Two Hearted, order one for your friends while you’re at it.

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