The best part about the local craft brew scene is that we get to support our hometown communities. Max Corey, our Dapper Brew Bro, has reviewed a couple breweries in Michigan which is close to home. I am going to talk about Stillmank Brewery which you don’t know about unless you are in Wisconsin “Wisco.” This new very local brewery offers Wisco Disco and Homegrown and is growing fast. I had the chance to meet the brewer, Brad Stillmank, at a local event. He is a great guy who is very proud of his brew and the fact that it’s a local ‘homegrown’ family company.

wisco discoThe name of the first brew is just as great as the taste: Wisco Disco. It’s a deep amber colored beer, with rich malt and hop flavors that is a great brew if you are just stepping into craft brew or if you love it already. Brad says that it has a smooth body that is perfect to pair with cheese (of course).

The new brew is Homegrown and is created from all local Wisco ingredients and has a golden, straw color. This handcrafted rye ale is both bready, and spicy in texture and flavor. It is light, and refreshing, while the Wisconsin grown Hops provide a wonderful earthy, aromatic Midwestern punch.

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