hinterland breweryI got invited, with my buddy Erik Baranek, for a tour and tasting at Hinterland Beer in Green Bay. First, let me tell you what blew me away… it was my favorite Hinterland IPA … Nitro version. Wow! I had not experienced what Nitrogen could do to a brew compared to CO2. It was creamy, smoother and tasted even better than the original. Let’s go Nitro!

I found out during the tour that Hinterland has the flair of a local craft brewery with the quality of a world class European beer. It was a small place that is actually a world class restaurant as well.  Bill Tressler, the founder, was the Editor of Draft Magazine before heading back to GB in 1999 to create the local craft brew he knew he wanted to make. The imported quality ingredients have given them the rapid growth across the country. His line of brew has a malted backbone for a unique Hinterland taste.

hinterland bourbon barrelI have to admit (you can see it on my Untapped profile) that I have tried every H-Brew currently in production including their new limited release summer IPA, White Cap. As I said, and strongly recommend, their IPA is excellent. I also strongly suggest you get a grip on their Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock. It can sit in the wood barrels for a year or two before we get to enjoy it.

We only recommend a couple brews in each review but I could continue. I even got Erik to become an H-IPA fan plus be amazed at the taste of their Bourbon Barrel. This is my top brewery and it makes me glad I discovered craft beer.

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hinterland line up