nick hind

Nick Hind, PT

You’ve been going to the gym for a fair few months now, maybe even a year, and you just can’t seem to put on any weight? Odds are you’re an ectomorph. This body type is characterized by a narrow shoulders, a slim profile and long limbs. Always the best long distance athletes, ectomorphs have real trouble when it comes to building muscle. So just give up right? Wrong, below are a few tips to bulk up, maximizing your time in the gym.

Leave the isolation exercises to the 16-year-old t-shirt fillers, rocking up straight from school in groups of 5 plus, swarming on any free bench and texting for ten minutes between sets. Compound moves are the way to go. Dedicate your time to an array of big lifts using free weights. These exercises illicit a huge hormone response, requiring the body to use two muscle groups or more. They build the body from the core outward, leading to large gains.

Rather than cramming yourself full of unholy amounts of junk, aim to fill up on calorie-rich foods. Complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids are dense in calories, meaning less really is more. Build your meals wisely, aiming to eat regularly and basing them around these foods.

Armed with an arsenal of good food and a rock solid training regime full of Squats, Deadlifts, Rows and Presses, your behemoth body could be right around the corner!

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