I discovered Southern Tier Beer in the last few weeks and was surprised to find out that it wasn’t below the Mason Dixon line. It is actually brewed in Lakewood, New York! Like most of the great craft beer we get to enjoy, the brewery isn’t that old but has been rapidly growing. It is now available in half the country and we even share some of this brew with countries in Europe.

Southern-Tier-LOGOYou guys know that I am an IPA fan so this week I won’t tell you that they have a great one. In the summer spirit I will highly recommend the Hop Sun wheat ale. It may actually be my most enjoyed brew of the summer. It is definitely a refreshing sip on a hot afternoon… after work I mean. The 2nd STBC recommend in LIVE which is a limited release. You can smell the malt at first and the taste is a solid blend of hops with the malt flavor.

southtierDapper Brew Tip: impress your Brew Crew by checking out the Southern Tier site because they give you food pairing suggestions for each of their brews. You get a double score because you can be a craft brew expert and kinda a foodie.

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