ghost_river_smallGhost Brewing Company has been around the Memphis metropolitan area for a long while now. The brewing company has gone from a small conglomerate of friends wanting to brew a great tasting beverage to a medium sized brewery. It’s  located close to Memphis, Tennessee and offers a type of ale that connects to the Memphis area.

In 1887, Memphians tapped into one of the greatest attributes that allows Memphis to be a successful and well -rounded town. The famous Memphis Sands Aquifer, which helps Memphians and the surrounding areas drink some of the world’s cleanest and purest water in the world.  Since then, the Mid-South area has been able to enjoy using this water and this has allowed Ghost River Brew to be able to succeed locally and nationally in some places. The difference in the taste of the beer based just on the water being used is noticeable. I have tried beers from all over the world which lets me understand the difference that Ghost River’s water makes. It allows them to bring a high class beer to the table.

When reviewing the Ghost River selection they offer seven different beers with a different twist in each one. Having only tried three of the seven beers they make unfortunately commenting on all would not be fair to the other beers. Starting from the bottom and moving to the top the Ghost River Witbier ranks at number three of three. Reason being is that looking at the beer a person would think that it would taste along the lines of a Blue Moon, but in reality it tastes better. When trying the beer the natural taste that it gives off and the aroma that a drinker can experience from the beer is amazing. Knowing that the beer is based on a Belgian style, and reading a little bit about the name we learn that “Wit” means “White” in Flemish. The head of the beer when poured comes out with a noticeably white tint to it and this is where the beer gets its name from. This beer is only available from May to August and should is considered one of Ghost River’s summer time beers according to the website. Also, when trying this beer try coordinating it with a salad or fruity desserts so that you get the full taste. Second on the list of beers that Ghost River offers that has been tried is the Oktoberfest. This beer is along the lines of the Samuel Adams Oktoberfest, but does not reach its potential unfortunately. Being a Samuel Adams fan gives a biased opinion, but to be honest the Ghost River Oktoberfest is close but not as tasty. This type of beer as the name states is available between September and October of each year, which is obvious based on its name. This beer according to their website has “Munich” malts and a selection of German hops that gives it that original German taste of an Oktoberfest beer. When drinking this beer try eating sausages and cheeses as the Germans have done for hundreds of years, it will definitely open the pallet!

imagesNow, to the favorite of the day, the Ghost River Golden Ale. This signature beer for Ghost River combines the pure Memphis drinking water with Munich caramel malts that give it the signature Ghost River blend. Not sure what beer cheese soup is but the website mentions that this beer is great for this type of dish. Fortunately this beer is served all year long, which provides drinkers the change to indulge it whenever they please.

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Other beers that that Ghost River brews are listed below:

  • Copper Head
  • Glacial Pale Ale
  • Black Magic
  • 1887 IPA