Logo-OldSpice1Old Spice sent us some soap for the team to try. It is bar soap… we know that seems really retro. When we started passing out the samples to our Dapper Guys we found that, like most of America, almost half of them still use bar soap. Old Spice figured that out and is going to ‘bring back the bar.’

We had the team smell each of the 3 new scents and then try them out for a week. We’re not good at math so we won’t throw out percentages and numbers. However, our very unscientific panel of bar soap tester guys came up with these results.

  • Fiji was the overall favorite of our guys. The word that came to mind at first was ‘clean.’ In the shower, the scent is fresh and not too strong. The Old Spice team says this one smells like ‘sunshine and freedom.’ No wonder we liked it.
  • Pure Sport came in a close second. The word that came up was ‘fresh.’ When we used it, we could tell it was for an active guy who needs some smell control but nothing too strong. Old Spice uses the word ‘refreshing’ for this one and we agree.
  • Swagger was honestly not at the top of the list. The word most of us thought of was ‘fruit.’ It is definitely the strongest scent. It is manly but we thought it was sweet smelling. Old Spice says this scent is all about power and confidence.

You don’t have to wait… you can grab a bar now in almost any place you buy soap. Move away from the squeeze bottles and step over to a manly bar soap. Did we mention that they are designed to be easy to hold on to? That’s a good thing because, if you are like us, your eyes aren’t exactly open first thing in the morning.

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