matt cermanskiWe saw Matt Cermanski @MattCermanski when quickly got chairs to turn around on The Voice. He has a fresh sound and a fresh style. We got a chance to meet up with him for a few quick questions before he had to get to a gig.

TDS: What was your biggest surprise about appearing on the voice?

Matt: It was surreal as chairs turn around because it showed that all the hard work pays off. After the chairs turned it was a tough decision. After the first show I took time to chill out and celebrate. But, then we had to prepare for battle song with rehearsals and I got to work with my mentor Ryan Tedder which was great.

TDS: What are your plans now that you have had national attention?

Matt: I’ve had good response from people and people buying the  iTunes album. Now, playing some gigs.In the near future, I hope torecord new album and possibly tour.

TDS: We have to ask about style. Did a stylist do your wardrobe or did you have input?

Matt: For the Blinds it was my clothes. In the Battles, the wardrobe dept  helps and let’s you use the wardrobe closet but they stay true to the artist. I wore my normal style.

TDS: What’s your style on the weekend?

Matt: Jeans but not shorts plus my boots and a tee. If I am playing a gig I get dressed up a little more.

TDS: What do you wear when you need to step up your style to impress?

Matt: I put on a blinged out suit … black suit and tie.

TDS: What’s your favorite genre of music?

Matt: I will listen to anything… rap, Rob Thomas, Rock or soulful.

TDS: If you could do a guest appearance on any TV show, which would it be?

Matt: Always sunny in Philadelphia

Matt: Thanks. Check out the album on iTunes and keep following on twitter. Keep rocking!

Thanks Matt. We hope to hear more from Matt in the coming years and hope to catch up with him for a Dapper style shoot sometime. Download Matt’s album on iTunes now.  Watch his blind audition here and see who hit the button first.