yazoo brewI have experienced this Southern Tradition for many years.  Yazoo Brewery Founder, Linus Hall, started with a home brew kit and they just keep getting bigger.  I had the chance to visit the brewery in Nashville and was most impressed with the bar that they had out front in the lobby. They had flights of beers that you could try instead of just getting one. Each small shot glass of beer came with a description of how they made it and the reason they made that type of beer. Also, the brewery did not serve regular size beers they had glasses that were small that made the experience really interesting. There was a ton of Vanderbilt fans and it was fun to interact with them and learn their stories. They opened the brand by selling Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Spring Wheat and Onward Stout.

From that list my top brews from Yazoo are: Pale Ale and Dos Perros. The Pale Ale is a malty citrus version of the classic brew. The Dos Perros is a German influenced brew with Mexican tradition because it actually has maize (corn) to give it some sweet.

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