We caught up with Italian fashion model Andrea Denver for a few questions about his style and career. He is currently in Verona and looks forward to working here soon. You can follow him on Instagram @AndreaDenver3.

male model andrea denverTDS: Where do you live now? What countries have you worked in?

Andrea: I live in Milan, Italy. I only have worked in Italy until now.

TDS: Who have you modeled for? What brands or companies?

Andrea: I model for abercrombie & Fitch from 3 years an d I have worked for many other brands like diadora and Daks London.

TDS: What is your favorite country you have visited?

Andrea: I have travelled a lot in many place in the world but my favorite country is USA especially California, Los Angeles

TDS: How long have you been modeling?

Andrea: I started when I was 19 (I’m 22 now) but due to many things including the university I stopped for a while.

TDS: What is your favorite style of clothes?

Andrea: I like casual for the everyday life instead I prefer wearing formal for important occasions.

TDS: What do you wear when you go out for a night out with friends?

Andrea: A formal jacket with formal pants and a casual v-neck t shirt.

Thanks to Andrea for taking time to talk with us. We hope to get the chance to work with him the next time he is here in the States. See more from his portfolio on Tumblr.