richie-nuzzoleseYou’ve probably seen his face. Now, you get to know more about the man. Richie Nuzzolese has had some great opportunities as a model. We caught up with him last week to find out more about them.

TDS: Where do you live now? Where are you from?

Richie: I currently live in LA. I am from NYC. moving to ATL in January

TDS: Who have you modeled for?

Richie: I have been fortunate to model for international and global companies including, Diesel, Lexus, Slendertone, Men’s Exercise, Reebok, Renuzit, E network, and many more. I have also starred as lead in Katy Perry’s and Britney Spears’ hit single music videos.

TDS: What are your biggest accomplishments?

Richie: My biggest accomplishment would be moving by my own from the east to the west in hope my dream comes true. Im so thankful I have great parents to be with me on my journey.

TDS: How long have you been modeling?

Richie: I started modeling at around age 18 in NYC for a fitness agency called Silver.

TDS: What is your favorite style of clothes?

Richie: I love fitted, European style, dark clothes. Nice blazers/buttondowns/vnecks/slim denim and nice pair of boots. Some of my favorite lines are All Saints, American Apparel, Hugo Boss, and G-star.

TDS: What do you wear when you go out for a night out with friends?

Richie: During a typical night out I have my favorite brown biker leather jacket, scarf, and brown laced shoes. I love jewelry and most of the time wear beaded semi precious stones from the Danish designer Jannik Olander at Nialaya.

TDS: If you get to pick a tv show to be on, what would it be?

Richie: I would love to be on the Originals or the Walking Dead. Seems like the character roles would be a trip to absorb.

TDS: How long have you been doing music?

Richie: Music came to me very young. I picked up singing classical and jazz trombone at the age of 12. Ever since I began, I continue playing every week. Played in the New York All-State Band, Long Island Youth Orchestra, and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra along with touring Cathedrals throughout London.

Follow him @RichieNuzzolese and download his single on iTunes. See his modeling pics on Tumblr.

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