travis jamesTravis James is an upcoming designer and friend to the Dapper team. He has traveled extensively to develop his new line of menswear for the sophisticated athlete. We have seen what is coming and know it is going to be some classic threads we will all want in the closet. We talked with Travis before the holidays about his life and career so far.

TDS: Where do you live now? Where are you from?

Travis: I live in Greenwich, CT where I am originally from.

TDS: Where have you traveled?

Travis: I have been to Japan, Netherlands, France Ireland, Scotland, Finland and Mexico and also all over Canada.

TDS: What’s your favorite cocktail?

Travis: My favorite alcohol is Laphroig neat. I am also really big on red wines from Côtes du Rhône which is a region in France. I actually order cases from here quite frequently.

TDS: What are your biggest accomplishments?

Travis: Definitely learning Japanese. Also, learning about luxury textiles from some of the best mills in the world. I am a big golfer so I would also say a 376 yard drive! I also am proud of building houses with my father.

TDS: What is your favorite style of clothes?

Travis: Classic looks that are simple and sophisticated!

tora travis jamesTDS: What do you wear when you go out for a night out with friends?

Travis: Either a nice pair of raw denim or a pair if slim fit chinos, a print/logo free t-shirt or light weight sweater. I am big on suede shoes doesn’t matter what style they are I just like suede! Sometimes I will wear a sport shirt but it will be pattern free.

TDS: If you get to pick a TV show to be on, what would it be?

Travis: The Simpsons

TDS: How long have you been working to develop your brand?

Travis: 6 Years and I am proud of what is coming.

Thanks Travis. We know we will see more from you soon.