This is a guy you have seen many times before… we want to introduce you to a solid dude, Josiah Hawley (@JosiahHawley). We caught up with him while he was at a gig in Michigan to talk to him. He has been modeling for years and now his music is exploding after being a finalist on The Voice. The video for his new single, Now It’s Christmas, is out. Play the tracks for his music on the Song page at his site.

TDS: 56d3e736-2bb7-468f-88fc-19e2d83666aaWhere do you live now? Where are you from?

Josiah: I am originally from Arkansas but am lucky enough to live in LA right now. It’s a great place for my career.

TDS: How long have you been modeling?

Josiah: Over 6 years. I started with a small agency in Nashville then a small agency in NYC a couple years later. I got signed by an Italian agency after that and lived part time in Italy. Now, I am also signed by NEXT models which is great because I have time to work on my music.

TDS: What was the best shoot you’ve been able to do?

Josiah: I would actually say it was a Diesel event in Germany called the “Bread and Butter” event. It happens during fashion week there.

TDS: What was the coolest part of The Voice?

Josiah: Working with Usher was awesome. Really a spectacular opportunity. The biggest eye opener was his work ethic. For one number for the show we practiced all day, then he had us do more with the band. He even worked 45 minutes after we left to make sure it would be perfect.

1396790_760735837275980_689031605_oTDS: How long have you been doing music?

Josiah: My dad is a jazz pianist so I was playing piano at 6 years old. Then guitar at 12 so I could be cool. I had a band at 14. I was a music major in Nashville. Now, the Christmas single is out this year.

TDS: What is your favorite style of threads?

Josiah: I would say ‘classic with an edge.’ I have a motorcycle so there is leather jacket. Always jeans and my Georgia boots. My best brands are probably Diesel and Scotch & Soda.

TDS: What do you wear if you are going out for a nice night with friends?

Josiah: I would probably change the jeans to a black pair and add a jacket. I like vintage items and jackets.

We thank Josiah for taking the time to talk. It was definitely the best celeb chat we have done. Have a #DapperHoliday. See more of his modeling portfolio on Tumblr.