It’s Dapper Holiday time. It’s time that we give you some ideas for gifts. But, seriously, you might end up getting everything for yourself. It’ happens. No shame.

Let’s start with our Dapper Holiday Host, Josiah Hawley. Download his new holiday single, Now It’s Christmas, for some holiday spirit while you shop for everything else.

ivy-prepster-1Honestly, the 2 coolest things you can buy this holiday are a cool knit tie and a novelty tie bar. The quirky tie bar is a great conversation starter at your next party. Our top locations to grab them are IvyPrepster.com (shown) and JCrew.com.

tumblr_inline_mf7mihsGPA1qkcv4jIf you need a gift for a traveler, have some fun, give them a shave kit but add some airplane mini-bottles of liquor. They are actually legal size to carry past the TSA. Give them the gift of a better flight. They may also want the Bose noise canceling headphones which are on the #5Things travel list for many of our guys.

coin_640_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe top tech recommend by both Marko and Alan is the Coin. We have said that guys should lose the overstuffed wallet. Make your butt look better and go slim. The Coin gives you one card to carry instead of all your credit.

A tie isn’t a bad gift. It’s a dapper gift. We found Bull + Moose accessories which is a veteran owned company. Their mission is to do good while helping gentlemen look good.

The Holidays are a great time to give something back. These are some Give Back Gifts that you can give plus get some good karma.

  • Try a holiday party bow tie from
  • Bring a host gift of a bottle of One Hope Wine and help a charity that you choose
  • Give some new threads with a $7 charity kickback at Sevenly


Share your holiday gift ideas or your wish list using #DapperHoliday. If you follow @TheDapperStyle on twitter or instagram we will share the great ideas with the rest of our guys.