male model Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

When we did our interview with top male model Jason Morgan we asked him about the 5 things he has to take with him on a trip. You can follow Jason on twitter @JasonMorgan35.

  • iPhone : Google map on iPhone has changed my life for traveling. I am horrible with directions and it really helps to have help in a foreign country. My music is also on my phone and I can’t live without music.
  • iPad. I download a lot of books newspapers and magazines for my flights and leisure reading. I love reading the nytimes everyday and magazines like Time, Readers Digest, vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated.
  • Jump rope: it’s really easy to throw in a bag and it’s a great work out if you end up in a hotel without  a gym or it’s too cold to run out side.
  • Quest  bars:  they are these natural protein bars with no artificial sugars or chemicals. I never know when I will get hungry and it’s nice to have them in my bag on a plane or in an area with bad unhealthy food around.
  • Bose Noise canceling headphones : my headphones not only make my music sound awesome they cancel out sounds of crying babies, snoring passengers and other annoying sounds  that can occur during travel. I feel like I’m in my own little world when I have them on.

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