Dapper Jack Cocktail

Dapper Jack Cocktail

Hold up. Before you order another Rum & Coke or Vodka & Cranberry, let’s step up the style. There are 2 ways to do this and this post should help you think about how to change it up. Impress the people your with because you know cocktails.

First, let’s start with knowledge. Trending in cocktails right now is pre-prohibition style cocktails or speakeasy style. As with everything in mens’ style right it’s all about a nod to the past. Our series will give you some ideas this year; but, you can research. Things like an Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Manhattan or a Gin Martini.

Second, you can try to find a new place to take everyone so you can try a cocktail by a real mixologist. We suggest you use yelp.com and try search words like ‘speakeasy bars’ or ‘craft cocktails.’ When you get there don’t show your fear and don’t order a boring drink. Ask for a cocktail menu and look for something new that has your favorite liquor. You can also just tell a mixologist what liquor you like and ask him to create something for you. Always ask what you are getting… that way you learn.

Coming up: Keep a glass ready for Dapper Drinks this year as we bring you more exclusive cocktails and even how to pick the best cocktail to match your Dapper Eats.

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