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Hold up. Before you order another basket of wings or double hamburger, let’s step up the style. There are 2 ways to do this and this post should help you think about how to change it up. Impress the people your with because you know food. Add a Dapper Drink and you are suddenly the guy to know.

First, let’s start with knowledge. Trending in cocktails right now is appetizers. It’s a less expensive way to try new tastes. You might be surprised what you like. Our series will give you some ideas this year as we travel around. But, maybe skip the big plate and share a few small plates. Another fresh way to do this is try just eating in the Lounge. It’s less commitment to the whole big expensive meal. Many restaurants are now creating creative plates of sliders with 3 different tastes.

Second, you can try to find a new place to take everyone so you can try new eats. We suggest you use and try search words like ‘gastropub’ or ‘foodie’ or ‘tapas/small plates.’ When you get there don’t show your fear and don’t order a burger. Ask for a menu and look for something new that has the protein that sounds good: beef, chicken, fish. You can also ask an experienced server what is their favorite thing on the menu. (Tip: if they just tell you the most expensive thing on the menu then they really don’t know.)

Coming up: Keep a plate ready for Dapper Eats this year as we bring you more food finds and even how to pick the best eats to match your Dapper Drinks.

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