Tumblr: Just the Design

Tumblr: Just the Design

You’re out of college and working a real job. But, we guess this is how it goes down when someone ‘important’ stops by. You grab all the clothes off the couch and through them in your room. Then in a split second you look at the couch you’ve had since your freshman year… #ashamed. The ‘important’ guest comes in and sits on the sad looking couch right across from the half naked poster on the wall… #awkward.

It’s finally time to set up a style in your own place that matches your age. We will give you easy, fresh and affordable ways to make your place the place where everyone wants to chill… especially that special guest. We will explain the most important things to get and how to set them, as with everything in mens’ style right, it’s all about a nod to the past.

What we can’t teach you, is to keep your clothes out of the living space and dirty dishes out of the sink. That’s something your parents should have covered.

Coming up: Get ready to take the old couch and milk crates to Goodwill because we will show you how to update your place on a budget.

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