craft_beerHold up. Before you order another Miller or Budweiser, let’s step up the style. There are 3 ways to do this and this post should help you think about how to change it up. Impress the people your with because you know beer at the next level.

First, let’s start with local. There are local craft breweries all over the country right now. Find out what’s local and give it a try. Check the surrounding states because sometimes the smaller breweries only distribute to a small region.

Second, you can try to find a new place to take everyone so you can try a craft beer. We suggest you use and try search words like ‘craft beer’ or ‘craft brew.’ When you get there don’t show your fear and don’t order a boring national brand ‘beer.’ Ask for a craft menu and look for something new. You can also just ask the bartender for some suggestions and don’t be afraid to tell him you are just leaving national brand beer land. Not everyone can dive into an IPA right away. Always ask what you are getting… that way you learn. You can also use the app Untappd to find places near you or even people you can learn from.

Third, find a liquor store that has a lot of craft beer that is sold in singles. It’s the least expensive way to figure out what you like plus your at home and don’t have to drive. Use Untappd to keep track of what you’ve had.

Tip: don’t be afraid of dark or stout beer. Don’t let Guinness make you think it’s all like that. Stout can be very smooth yet filling. Try a Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout as a dessert!

Coming up: Keep a pint ready for Dapper Brew this year as we bring you more local flavor and even how to pick the best craft brew to match your Dapper Eats.

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