Roast Sarasota Florida

Make some effort to find a new spot to have a drink and be the guy that everyone comes to when they want to find something new. We gave you some tips in our Dapper Drinks challenge post. This is an example of just keeping your eyes open like Marko and I did in Sarasota, FL. We were shooting downtown and noticed a place that looked dapper. It looked historic yet cool. Roast was a great experience from a Drink and Eats perspective.

The Dapper Style

Once the bartender found out we knew what we were doing because we discussed the cocktail menu he was very interested to get our feedback. They had just released their new cocktail menu. It was brunch so we tried some of the sweeter creations and they were good. We tried a lot actually but that’s what brunch is about.

cocktails at RoastWe had to eat something so we checked out the appetizers. That is usually a great place to find great taste creations. The sliders were a solid match to our cocktails. You can make any restaurant into a Tapas place if you search through the appetizers.

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