zeus markos spainOur Dapper Guy Zeus Markos is in Spain for a few months. We asked him for an international style update. Follow his travels on twitter and instagram @ZeusMarkos

The point of this post is to give an overseas perspective on style, steeze and everything in between.  First things first, majority of people have a stake in their own appearance.  I’m not saying this in a superficial way, but more there is recognition of the importance of it.  There are many parts to a person, but our first impression can have one of the biggest impacts on our lives and rarely in the U.S. do we actually notice this.  This idea does not solely exist within their personal style, but architecture, product design, etc.  So if you are afraid to step up your game in the style department or afraid of getting flack, don’t worry, because you’re doing yourself a huge favor.  When you look well put together, you allow people to assume the best in you.  Actions speak louder than words, so why not put some words in the mouths of others that can do nothing but help you.

Below I have a couple of trends as well as classic styles that I have accumulated from being abroad for the past month.

new balanceNew Balance Shoes

jack purcellsJack Purcell’s (preferably black)

bucket hatBucket Hats (I’ma steal your grandpa’s style)

messenger bag                                                                                        Messenger Bags (canvas or leather)

parka and suit

Parkas with suits

olive green suit                                                       OLIVE GREEN/GREEN EVERYTHING (bonus points for the striped tie)

rocker teeVintage rocker tee’s (yeezy did it right)

go sockless

Go sockless, or go home


High-Tec runner gear (i.e., Nike flyknits, windbreakers, etc.)

banded collar shirtBanded collared dress shirt