mixologist Bridget Albert with Mary Barranco

mixologist Bridget Albert with Mary Barranco

We know supporting local is important to people. We also know there is an ever-growing interest in fresh, wholesome food ingredients merges with the world of craft cocktails. Market-Fresh Mixology, written by award-winning mixologist Bridget Albert with Mary Barranco, shows readers how to integrate terrific ingredients that can be easily picked up from a local farmers’ market, personal pantry, or backyard garden to create cocktails at a whole new level. We caught up with author Bridget Albert for a couple questions.

TDS: What inspired you to team up with Mary Barranco to put this book together?

BA: Mary and I work together each day and she is a source of inspiration. We both bring very different things to the party. I love to create, as I did here with these recipes. Mary wrote the text and examined things from a practical point of view as we tested and retested each recipe. We really wanted to be certain that the average home bartender could make these recipes and find them easy to follow.

Market Fresh Mixology

TDS: What do you see for the future of mixing fresh produce with cocktails?

BA: Just as with the pursuit of fine wine, people will never reach an end to their pursuit for the highest-quality cocktails. The “green” movement, coupled with the increasing accessibility of great produce, and bartenders’ growing interest in working with their chefs to use what’s in season—all of these factors will add additional momentum to the use of market-fresh ingredients in great cocktails.