There are a lot of cool things that can hang on the walls of your new Dapper Space besides beer signs and girl posters. At the Vegas Market we found map prints and other guy things. You could even just find an old map of your home state or town and frame it. The coolest wall art we found was actually by Oliver Gal Artist Co. which had some unique stuff for guys including mug shots, maps, blueprints and more. Jump below the gallery to learn how to avoid 2 commons mistakes when putting up your prints.

There are 2 things you don’t want to do when hanging prints: height and size. First, you should always hang a print based on the room it is in. For example, if it is a sitting room hang it low or if it is a standing entry room hang it higher. You can see some examples in the slideshow below. A good rule is to hang wall art a few inches lower than you want and it will be right. Keep the bottom of the print grounded to the furniture it is above.

Second, don’t use prints that are too small (you look cheap) or too large (it looks awkward). Your print should not be larger than the furniture it is hanging above. You can create a cool collection of prints but don’t let them be wider than the sofa. Also, don’t make them too small like the tiny prints show in the slideshow.

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