Add some some grown up retro stuff to your place. There are 3 rules to follow when adding accessories to your apartment.

1. Pull it together. Create a cluster of 3 things that are common. Keep each group pull together. Below you can see examples of how to pull together a common focal point on a shelf or table.

2. Don’t do too much. You have to “edit” and avoid the urge to fill up the surface. You don’t have to fill a shelf full of stuff because less is more. Your cool collections will get more attention if there is less for the eye to see. Don’t fill the entire coffee table or console table with stuff but create one solid group of 3. {You can use more than 3 things but it always looks better to have an odd number of items.}

3. Level up. The edited group of 3 things is more interesting if each item is a different height. You can use things that are small to tall. You can also use old books to create different levels.