Our dapper friend Rick Baye gave us a heads up on this accessory style brand. We had a chance to talk with designer and founder of Amōs, Kyle Bardouche.

amos brandTDS: How did you get started with Amōs accessories for guys?
Kyle: I got started with Amōs because I was tired of not being able to find simple yet sophisticated and stylish accessories for guys.  Everything I came across was really rugged and bulky or flashy high end designer stuff that isn’t my style.  The vision is to expand beyond bags and accessories; I want to develop Amōs into a full lifestyle brand.  We are always designing, prototyping and releasing new products.
TDS: What makes Amōs unique?
Kyle: At Amos, we believe someone’s clothes and accessories should be an expression of themselves and their personality and we create the perfect products to do just that.  While the design of our products and whiskey or brown color tone are the same, the different grains in each cut of leather makes each piece one-of-a-kind.  Our meticulously hand-crafted accessories have a timeless feel that will never go out of style.  Lastly, the naturally aging of each leather piece is what gives it a truly unique look and feel.
kyle bardouche

Kyle Bardouche

TDS: What is the most important thing guys can do to upgrade their style?

Kyle: I think the most important thing a guy can do to upgrade his style is to add some clean staples to his wardrobe.  If you look sloppy, people are going to think you’re sloppy.  Simply wearing a nice watch or some nice shoes goes a long way.  The worst thing I see is a guy wearing a nice button down shirt with a dark pair of jeans – and then he has his Nike tennis shoes on.  Swap out the tennis shoes for a pair of Chukka boots and you’re good to go.
TDS: What is your personal wardrobe style?
Kyle: I’m a pretty casual guy.  I’m never a suit and tie guy.  I love to dress up every now and then and throw on a tie, but I’m not that into the full suit deal.  My closet is filled with J. Crew.  I like having a little flare, but nothing too flashy.  My daily wear is a button down, most of the time untucked, with some chinos and Chukka boots.  In the summer I’ll wear some chino shorts and a nice tee or a button down and roll up the sleeves and on my feet I’ll have some J. Crew Sperry’s.
TDS: Tell us something about what or where you like to eat or drink (brew, cocktails, small bites).
Kyle: I’m a big Dos Equis or Leinenkugel fan, but if I’m going for the liquor I’m reaching for some Patron tequila.
amos eli weekend bag

Eli Weekender Bag

TDS: What brands are your biggest influences?

Kyle: The top 3 brands that have the biggest influence on my work are J. Crew, BMW and Apple.  I love J. Crew’s classy style, BMW’s sporty elegance, and Apple’s simplicity.  I think each one of these brands has an influence in every product we design.
Thanks to Kyle for taking the time to talk with us. Find your own dapper leather accessory at Amōs because #DetailsMatter